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Conversations not Presentations

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Changing the way IT is done.

Traditional technology strategy focuses on shoehorning the technology they can support and sell. Our vision focuses on understanding your business goals and building a technology strategy based on what will help drive profitability and growth.

At the core we fulfill our vision by having conversations rather than presentations.

Our seasoned CIOs accomplish this by using the Humanize IT framework. This battle-tested framework is used by technology companies all over the world to align business and technology.

No matter what industry you are in, we will turn your technology strategy into something that will augment your goals and take you to the next level.

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"Our project business in our existing customer base has gone through the roof since we implemented our new tools.  We have also sold more new agreements in the last two months than all of last year.  The project-based work is a direct result of the changes made with Virtual-C’s help.  Moreover, the new sales increase is due to ABS’s decision to change our value message to our prospects.  We now lead discussing our secret sauce.  That secret sauce is what Virtual-C helped create."

Tucker Oldham (ABS)

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Humanize IT Toolset

Tired of clients not understanding your value?
Automatically show your value by having better conversations with a live shareable dashboard of your projects, status, and goals.


Humanize IT Podcast

Bridge the gap between business and technology with Humanize IT — a fun, educational podcast that will keep you relevant, maximize your value and help your clients see you as a trusted partner. 20 minutes a week will increase sales, perceived value and reduce overhead!



To change the way IT is done. 

MSPs and Technical Consultants have lost their way and become retailers selling software and hardware for larger resellers. We need to get back to being consultants and advisors of business strategy.

We need to change the narrative so Small and Medium businesses everywhere can have the strategic advantages that Enterprizes have been enjoying.  By leveraging true technology strategy that empowers SMBs we can change the world.

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